Several years have past since this once inseparable college clique had shared the same room. Jules, the self proclaimed mother of the group, decides to host a dinner party in her Manhattan apartment with hopes of bringing them all together again to find out why they grew apart and rekindle the bond that they shared while attending NYU. As a testament to their last toast before graduation Jules prepares a batch of ‘concrete’ jungle juice, but this time with an added ingredient: truth serum. Did we mention she also bolts the doors shut? Without the ability to conceal or modify the truth the group is left with no hope of escaping the apartment, or their past.
Alternating between the present day and the last night they shared at a pre-graduation party, Truth Cocktail answers the question: what if you had to be completely honest with the people closest to you? Over the night's events Jules and the rest of her guests start to realize that some things are better left unsaid.